Pulisic Stomping Grounds


Christian Pulisic is the biggest name in US Soccer. Serving as captain of the US Men's National Team and playing for one of the biggest clubs in the world, Chelsea FC, Pulisic is the first American to score in the Champions League semis and both play, and win, the Champions League Final. But before he became a legend, he was a youth travel player at PA Classics. Pulisic has been extremely generous to develop and and donate an exciting new training area at PA Classics. 

“I’m really excited I was able to help my hometown club, PA Classics, to basically build new fields for these kids,” Pulisic told Trevor Noah on The Daily Show. “There’s multiple miniature fields these kids can kind of just go play on, another field with a nice kick wall for skills and challenges and stuff. It’s really just an area where I hope the kids can just go to and have fun sometimes without coaches.

"I hope it will inspire kids to go out and want to play and have fun and maybe see my name on the court and think I want to be like him. That would be the goal.”

PA Classics, is deeply grateful to have such an innovative space for local kids now, and for years to come, to have a fun space to train and improve their game.

The Pulisic Stomping Grounds are located at Classics Soccer Park in Lancaster County, PA. It is comprised of 4 small sided turf fields and a separate turf field with a one-of-a-kind kick back wall.

  • 6V6 Field: 125 x 127 feet
  • 3v3 Field: 80 x 50 feet
  • 3v3 Field: 80 x 50 feet
  • Kick Back Wall area: 66 x 55 feet
  • Small Field: 75 x 75 feet






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