PA Classics Winter College Showcase


It is expected that everyone; players (both those playing and, on the bench), coaches, spectators, event staff, and game officials, will wear a mask at all times after exiting their personal vehicles.  This is mandated by both the PA Department of Health / Governor’s Office and by EPYSA.  It’s a COVID-19 mitigation effort and a required rule if the event is to be allowed to happen.  Mask up, for your own protection, and for the protection of those around you.


PA Department of Health:  Universal Masking FAQs


EPYSA:  COVID-19 Advisory - Updated Masking


Additional rules that everyone needs to follow;

  • Only 1 spectator may be in attendance per player.
  • Social distance at all times.  
  • Use the social distance spacing marks painted on the field sidelines.  
  • No tents for social gathering.  Individual usage only.
  • No pets or alcohol at any facility