Spring 2022 League Sportsmanship Awards

This season LARS started a sportsmanship initiative. Each week coaches were encouraged to nominate players that demonstrated character traits or actions that went beyond being just an athlete. We had over 70 players nominated this season and are very proud of these young men and women. Award winners were selected for each age group and we are pleased to announce that Violet H was selected as this season's winner in the U10 girls age group.

Another facet of this initiative is the Outstanding Coach Award. Our Club had 13 nominees for this award. Congratulations go out to Josh Crills, Eric Dhansis, Tim Dietz, Eric Fenstermaker, Alex Hernandez, Dustin Koehler, Brian Kohler, Jere Knoll, Mike Petrillo, Mike Pollis, Ray Preiss, Dave Strangarity, and George Watts. Crills, Fenstermaker, and Hernandez were selected as finalists. We are pleased to announce that Alex Hernandez has been selected as the Spring 2022 Outstanding Coach Award recipient! Read about Alex here: https://lars-league.weebly.com/outstanding-coach-award.html

Penn Legacy and PA Classics are grateful for the efforts of all of our volunteers. These men and women give so much of their time and talent and sometimes even treasure for often little to no thanks. Thank you for everything you do for the program and our kids. We could not do this without folks like you!