EPYSA Player Registration Online Forms

EPYSA requires parents to log in to the EPYSA database and digitally sign 2 new player agreements before a player can participate. Please contact Michelle Klein at mklein@paclassics.org with any questions.


EPYSA Communicable Disease Agreement:

2021-22 EPYSA Online Communicable Disease Agreement


EPYSA Player Registration:

2021-22 EPYSA Online Player Registration Form




Parents must first log in to the EPYSA database at: https://system.gotsport.com/

Use email associated with PA Classics Demosphere account and select Forget Password? to have a password email to you are logging in for the first time.

After a parent logs in:

- click on Family from the menu on the left

- select child you are completing agreements for

- select Forms at the top

- select Available Forms

- Click Start next to the 2021-22 Communicable Disease Agreement
- Click Register by the player's name
- Review the information then click Save
- Then read/sign
- Click Check out
- Click Register
- Repeat for the 2021-22 EPYSA Player Registration Form