Team Schedule

Winter Practice Schedule


Spooky Nook (Small Turf Field by batting cages and fitness center)



Dates and Times

January 10th: 7-8 pm

January 17th: 6-7 pm

February 7th: 7-8 pm

February 14th: 7-8 pm

February 21st: 6-7 pm

March 3rd: 7-8 pm

March 14th: 7-8 pm


- We do not practice every Thursday, just the Thursdays listed above.

- I will still send weekly updates in the winter to confirm correct times.

Spring Tournaments/Events

- State Cup

- DE Rush (March 30/31)

- Challenger (May 4/5)

- Delco Players Cup (May 25-27 / Memorial Day Weekend)

- MAC* (June 29/30)

* MAC is dependent upon having enough teams in our age/level