Junior Academy Soccer League Spring 2017 Rules

Field Dimensions
U8: 4v4 with no goalie and uses a 35 x 25 field
U6: 3v3 with no goalie and uses a 30 x 20 field

Ball Sizes
U8: size 4 ball
U6: size 3 ball

Length of Games
U8: 4 quarters with 10 minutes quarters
U6: 4 quarters with 8 minutes quarters
2 minutes should be the rest period in between quarters

Rules of the Game

  • Players may not touch the ball inside the goal area arc in front of the goal. If attacking player touches the ball then a goal kick is awarded. If defensive player touches the ball then a goal is to be awarded.
  • All fouls are considered indirect kicks. The opponents must be 5 yards away from the restart.
  • After a goal, the play resumes at the halfway line. To start the kickoff, a player is allowed to pass the ball backwards or forward to begin play. The player can’t dribble from the kickoff.
  • Throw-ins are used when the ball goes out-of-bounds on the side. Players that have a throw-in infraction may have a second try.
  • There are no penalty kicks
  • There are no offsides
  • Substitutions are only made when the ball is out of bounds.
  • Goals must be last touched from the offensive side of the field.
  • When the attacking player plays the ball over the endline, then a goal kick is awarded. At that time, the attacking team must retreat to the halfway line to allow the goal kick to be taken. This gives time to complete a pass and to allow the game to get started again before defensive pressure is allowed.
  • When the defensive team plays the ball over its own endline, then the attacking team is awarded a corner kick. Defensive team must be 5 yards away from the corner kick spot.