PA Classics Futsal League Rules


General Rules

There are 4 field players and a Goal Keeper (GK).

  • No offside.
  • GK play is like outdoor, no restriction on how many times you use keepers feet.
  • 25 minute halves for league play. 3 minutes for half time.

Free substitutions are made "on the fly".  Player can only enter or leave the game at midfield, and a player may only enter a game after the player they are replacing has left the field.  

For younger age groups, coach monitoring game will help with rotation of players, and at times might stop play to allow this to happen.

Kick off

Opposing players must give 5 yards until ball is in play.


If one team does not have 5 players at the start of the game, the game will be a forfeit but will still be played using guest players.

Ball Out of Play

Kick in

A ball kicked out over the touch line (side line) by one team becomes the other teams ball. Defense must give 5 yards distance. Players taking kick in can not step into the field while kicking ball back into play. Goals cannot be scored from kick-ins.

If the ball hits the ceiling, a kick in is taken at the closest point on the nearest sideline.

Goal Clearance (Goal Kick)

Futsal for goal kick.  When the offensive team puts the ball over the end line, the other team gets the ball.  The goalie must throw the ball, or put down and play with feet.

Corner Kick

To be taken inside the corner arc, If there is no arc, kick is taken at the point where goal line and touch line meet (at corner)

Fouls and Misconduct

Fouls ( All restarts are indirect kicks, pks are only direct kick )

Futsal is a minimum contact sport. However, some contact may occur, as long as it is done in a legal manner. It cannot be done by play that is careless, reckless, or with excessive force.

Slide tackling is not allowed.

Pks are awarded for fouls inside penalty area.

Follow all other normal rules for fouls.

Encourage less reckless play, and staying on feet when defending.

Players not adhering to rules, and playing out of control, need to be taken off field and substituted for.  They can be allowed to play again at refs discretion.


Flat soled sneakers, indoor shoes, must be worn.  Turf shoes or cleats are not permitted on basketball type surface.