Lititz Road Turf Field

1270 Lititz Road
Manheim, PA 17545

The PA Classics Lititz Road Turf Field is located .9 miles from Classics Soccer Park.  Opened in March 2011, the Lititz Road Turf Field features 1 full size field of 110x74 yards with additional lines for two youth 8v8 fields running across the pitch.  There is also a 110 x 20 yard, unlined, warm-up area on the team side of the field which is opposite of the parking area.

Lititz Road Turf Rules:
- No parking on Lititz Road.  Vehicles parked on Lititz Road are subject to towing.  Parking is permitted in designated spaces only.  
- No pets of any kind allowed on the grounds.
- No food or drink (other than water and sports drinks) are permitted inside the fenced area.  
- No chairs or seats are permitted on the turf itself.  There is ample room inside the fence, but in the grass just off the turf, for chairs and seats.
Directions from Lititz Road Turf Field to Classics Soccer Park:
- As you exit the facility, turn RIGHT onto Lititz Road.  Proceed .1 mile to Route 72 (Manheim Pike/Lancaster Road)
- Turn RIGHT onto Route 72 North.  Proceed .8 mile.
- Turn RIGHT into the entrance of Classics Soccer Park which sits directly behind the Lancaster Inn & Suites, Manheim Grill, and Enk’s Catering.  
PA Classics Club Field Coordinator:  
Nick Hostetter