Classics Wear Sale Sept 16 and 17

Just a reminder that our ClassicsWear Sale will be held on Sept 16 and 17 at Classics Soccer Park from 5-7 pm. It will be outside by the concession stand. Please make sure to wear a mask and keep yourself socially distant from others while shopping. Cash or checks only please, but checks are preferred so as not to be passing cash back and forth. Below is a price list.

After last night, we are currently sold out of car magnets, blankets, knit hats, ear wraps, small and medium rain Jackets and adult medium hoodies. We plan on having those missing items reordered for an end of Oct/beginning of Nov sale.

youth hoodies - $35

adult hoodies - $40

youth short sleeve tee - $10

adult short sleeve tee - $15

youth long sleeve tee - $15

adult long sleeve tee - $20

youth rain jacket - $55

adult rain jacket - $60

ball cap - $10

scarves - $30