Summer 2011 Junior Academy Skill and Ball Mastery Program

August 22-25, 2011
Open to Boys & Girls 
Ages 4 - 6:  9:00 -10:00 am
Ages 7 - 8: 10:00 -11:00 am 

Cost: $50   

Academy Description:  This 4 day program is solely geared for the young Soccer players technical development.  Each day we will put the priority on maximum touches with the Soccer ball, in a fun, creative environment. It is crucial at this age that all players receive the proper technical training not only during the week of the academy, but also to have the ability to take home with them what they have been taught to go out in the yard and enjoy practicing on their own.  The week will include repetitive training in all areas including dribbling, change of pace, direction, receiving balls on ground, out of air, and the importance of first touch. Passing and striking the Soccer ball with the proper surface of the foot, and proper starting and finishing position.  We will conclude each day with small sided/micro soccer games.

All questions please contact Mark Pulisic, Summer Academy Director,

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