2022-23 Travel Uniform Orders

Parents will receive an email from Capelli Sport with a link to order your PA Classics uniform. If you do not receive an email with the link or do not see your name on the roster in the Capelli system, please check with your head coach. Uniforms will be shipped directly to you. When ordering, please make sure to access the team site from a computer and not a smart phone as the CapelliSport website is inadaptable to a smartphone. Parents may contact CapelliSport directly with any questions Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm EST: customerservice@capellisport.com or 855-588-6511.

Uniforms are the same as last year. It is the second year of a 2 year cycle. Below a checklist of mandatory items to have for 2022-23:

If you have lost your original link or never received it you can also log in using the link and password below:

  • https://teams.capellisport.com/
  • After scrolling down and clicking on the PA Classics logo, if prompted for a password, the password is P@Classics - case-sensitive, all one word, no spaces. 
  • We strongly advise you place the order via a computer and not a smartphone, as the CapelliSport website is unadaptable to a smartphone. Please click the Go button with your mouse to enter the store as merely hitting the enter key will not grant you access.
  • Please then find your team under the correct category to the left. Your son or daughter will be listed in the dropdown menu along with their assigned jersey number. If you do not see your child, please contact your head coach.